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Did you know that every Pure Pro massage product has a “Best by date” tag on the base, along with the production batch number?

However, this ‘Best by date’, doesn’t mean that it will expire instantly on that date.  According to Dianna Dapkins, the founder, Pure Pro Inc. ”We are very conservative with our “Best by dates”.

The good news is that you have a good 3-4 months after the best by date to use your Pure Pro products…providing you store them correctly during their 18-month shelf life. 

So follow my tips for extending the shelf life of your Ultra oil, Pedango foot cream, Arnica lotion, and more. 

The three elements that make a product go rancid are:

  •  Heat 
  • Light
  • Air  

For humans, these 3 elements are life-enhancing and sustaining even, but for our massage oils, creams and lotions they are detrimental.

So the golden rule is – Keep all products tightly sealed in a cool, dark place.  

Where therapists run into trouble is when they put the product in direct sunlight e.g. window to “warm” it or on top of radiators for long periods of time.  Or, by placing it on a sunny window during, between or after treatments instead of storing it properly. 

Never leave oil in your treatment room if it gets a lot of sun during the day.

One of my top tips is to decant the amount of oil you need for a treatment into a smaller 100ml* container and store the larger bulk container in a cool, dark place In the winter months. You can heat up the smaller amount for a few minutes on the radiator before your client arrives.     

Another suggestion is to store your products in the fridge especially at this time of year.  I know that space can be at a premium in domestic fridges but doing this will extend the life of your product even further.


Mary, always here to help.


* Make sure that you clean and sanitize these smaller dispensing containers after every use to comply with general safety and Covid-19 sanitising protocols. 

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