Summer Income Slump?


Are you having the perennial summer slump in bookings this year on top of the Covid lockdowns?  What does that mean for your business? 

For therapists who have school-going children, it can mean that you work reduced hours and are prepared for this in advance.

If that’s not you, however, you could find that the phone stops ringing as your clients with school-going children have less time available, and of course, many of them will have booked staycations due to Covid-19. Nice for them; not so good for your cash flow, though.

I thought I’d share some ideas for keeping your appointment book as full as possible over the next 6 weeks.

  1. Run a promotion

Now is the perfect time to run a special promotion – you can come up with your own name for it but position it as a ‘Pre-Staycation Energy Boost’; a way for Mum to get energised before she faces into the last-minute shopping/packing for holidays, or to de-stress after the hectic days preparing for the family holiday. Your treatment will allow her to really relax from Day 1 of her holiday.

Whether you position it as energising or destressing, that little bit of ‘me time’ might be just what your client needs; but she doesn’t know she needs it ….. until you suggest it to her!

  1. Encourage advance bookings

If you’re shutting up shop to get away yourself, make sure to tell your regular clients in advance. Encourage them to book in before you go, or on your return, so they do not miss out on their regular treatments. They will appreciate that it may be difficult to find times to suit both your travel schedules, whether at home this year or abroad.

  1. Quid Pro Quo

If there is a therapist in your area offering a similar service to you why not suggest that you cover each other’s holiday breaks? When he or she is away you could be the ‘emergency’ cover and vice versa. If you work closely with a circle of practitioners, you can do this for each other. The Massage Matters FB support Group is a great place to organise this.

  1. Capitalise on tourism even in non-touristy areas

If you live in a touristy area you are probably already tapping into that market. Bord Failte and local communities are doing such a great job at attracting people to non-traditional tourism areas that you could be surprised at the number of visitors coming to your locality – especially this year with international travel concerns.  I feel the majority of people are opting to staycation rather than travel abroad.

Make yourself known to accommodation providers in your area – invite B & B and small hotel owners to a taster session so they know what they are recommending to their guests is a top-quality massage. I’m sure they would enjoy the ‘time out’ too.  Remember also, to top up your business cards/flyers on their premises regularly.

Hosting an open evening or day is a great way to let them see what you do and how you work, keep this in mind for next year!  Plan an event like this in March or April before the 2022 season begins.

So I hope those few ideas give you some inspiration for keeping the cash flowing over the summer. And if you have any strategies that work for you, post them in the comments below. I’d love to hear them and we then can all benefit from sharing what works for you.

Speaking of holidays, you may want to double-check your stocks of Pure Pro products to make sure you have enough to keep you going through the summer. You don’t want to come back from your own holidays and find that you are out of, or low, in your go-to product!

I have a few short staycations planned myself one each month this summer – so I’ll be here most of the time to keep you stocked up with your favourite “go-to brand”. 


Mary – always here to help.

2 thoughts on “Summer Income Slump?

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    Báirbre Moore says:

    Hi Mary
    A thought for other Therapists maybe ? Summer slump: Advertise a day for carer’s , so deserving , give a discount , shorter treatment maybe ? So many carer’s out there ,Mothers of children with special needs , others taking care of elderly parents . Few carer’s will be going on holidays this year with the unknown covid – this would be a real treat , time out.
    My washing smells divine x Thank you pure pro

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      admin-001 says:

      That’s a really good idea Bairbre. Why not follow up with it on Massage Matters – it’s your suggestion and it would be great to have this coming from you and not me – I’m sure some therapists would pick up on the idea. Years ago in the Dublin Region of the IMTA we ran Carers Days and offered 20-30 minute treatments in a few different locations – it was so appreciated. Took a lot of organising but was so worth it – we did it through the Carers Association Mx

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