Why use this deep Tissue Cream

Do you want a product that gives you an excellent gripping glide?

Do you have clients suffering with tight, sore muscles who require deep tissue treatments?

Do you want to improve client results without causing pain or injury to YOUR hands?

This Deep Tissue Cream is all-natural, pH-balanced and unscented. Designed for therapists by therapists,
providing you with a hard-working cream offering dual benefits for both you and your clients. 

As a working therapist, you need to look after the “tools” of your trade – your hands – as best you can by
keeping them pain free for as long as possible. The smooth, creamy workable feel of Pure Pro’s Deep
Tissue Massage Cream gives you a truly gripping glide allowing you to work deeper with complete control
without a slippery, or waxy residue. You get all these benefits while helping break down the knots in your
client’s tight muscles and target trigger point areas.

So, would you consider using a massage cream that would benefit you (your hands, especially) and at the
same time, your clients’ skin and tight muscles?

Pure Pro’s Deep Tissue Cream was developed specifically to: 

  • Improve results without causing pain or injury to therapists’ hands.  
  • Help break down knots in tight muscles and target trigger point areas.  
  • Allow therapists to work deeper without using excess pressure.  
  • Make working with clients with excess body hair easier for both client and therapist.

It has an impressive list of ingredients, including vegetable oils of coconut, safflower, apricot kernel, and
organic golden jojoba. Add to this organic aloe vera gel, silver citrate and natural Vitamin E and you have
a deeply nourishing and nurturing skin cream that works without the need for excess pressure from the

If you are a Sports, Neuromuscular or Physical Therapist this is the product for you and is available in two
sizes, 240ml and the salon size 840ml. To find out more about this product and to order online click here.
Mary – always here to help you help your clients.
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