Why Ultra Oil is not Oily!

Ever wondered why this amazingly light oil is not oily?

Here’s why – the base oil used in Ultra is fractionated coconut where the saturated fats have been
removed leaving it light and non-greasy. It is more like a “wax ester” very similar in make up to the skin’s
own natural sebaceous waxes. These waxes are excreted by the skin to lubricate, waterproof and protect

So Ultra Oil works WITH the body and does not clog pores and is readily absorbed by the skin.

BUT, Ultra also contains a selection of other natural vegetable oils which make it so much more
“workable” as you massage. These include certified organic Apricot Kernel and Avocado oils, Sunflower,
Safflower and natural Vitamin E – essential for good skin health and a natural anti-ageing nutrient.
Ultra is NUT-OIL FREE so no need to be concerned, if you, or your clients, have a nut allergy,  it’s perfectly
safe to use and it’s also gluten-free.

It is the UNIQUE combination of all these five ingredients that eliminates the “oily” effect of this oil
making it so light to work with and giving you “great grip and glide – not slip and slide” during your
massage treatments.

How does this benefit you as a therapist?

  • Ultra washes out of your towels, linens and uniforms, at low temperatures.
  • It does not leave unsightly and embarrassing stains on your linens etc.,
  • It saves you money by extending the “working life” of your towels and linens
  • It keeps your towels oil and smell-free.
  • It nourishes and nurtures your own hands while you work
  • It is suitable for use in ALL massage modalities from pregnancy and baby massage to sports, deep tissue and neuromuscular treatments.

How does this benefit your clients?

  • It nourishes and nurtures their skin throughout their treatment
  • It is non-greasy so leaves their skin dry
  • They can dress immediately after a treatment without worrying their clothes will stain – great for lunch time appointments!

Still not convinced about the benefits of Ultra Massage Oil? Contact or PM me your address and I will
send you some samples to try for yourself… I know you will love it.

Ultra is available in three sizes and can be ordered online at www.purepro.ie for next day delivery,
nationwide. Mary – always here to help you help your clients.

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