Never be Embarrassed Again!

If your answer to these questions is “YES” then read on….

  • Embarrassed by your massage linens?
  • Want to keep your towels, sheets and uniforms free from unsightly stains and oily smells?
  • Fed up washing your linens at 60 or 90 degrees and seeing no real results?

Let’s face it, who wants to book a massage and be (literally) faced with oil-stained sheets, cradle
covers and smelly, oil-laden towels? I certainly don’t. Pure Pro’s Orange Degreaser Detergent
will solve these universal problems for therapists…. and at the same time, leave linens smelling
sweetly of citrus.

When using Pure Pro’s Orange Degreaser Detergent, it literally cleans its way through the issues
therapists are faced with when trying to remove oily residue from their linens. It is therapists who
develop Pure Pro products, so they are acutely aware of how important it is to have clean linens
and uniforms. Hence, they developed a detergent which addresses these problems totally, while
at the same time caring for the environment.

Orange Degreaser Detergent is economical, biodegradable, septic tank safe and is best used in
a 30 degree wash. It’s a standalone product – you do not need to use any other cleansing agent
with Orange Degreaser Detergent.

You will have linens and uniforms that you can be proud of instead of being embarrassed by
them. You won’t have to replace them as often, and this certainly is a great financial saving for
I have been using the same 5 plinth covers for the past 15 months and I would challenge anyone
to find a stain or get an oily whiff from them. Of course, it does help that I also use Pure Pro’s
Ultra Massage Oil (water dispersible) exclusively. This, combined with the Orange Degreaser
Detergent is a winning combination – EVERY TIME.

It even works if you are unfortunate enough to have a client arrive wearing fake tan. If this
happens wash linens immediately! Before I started using Ultra Massage Oil and Orange
Degreaser Detergent I remember having sheets and duvet covers ruined with fake tan in one
session. Happily, no more.

Last, but not least, the scent of Orange Degreaser Detergent is magical. Not only will your linens
be stain and oil-free but they will smell sweetly of citrus too. The main ingredient is orange,
lemon, and lime peel (with, of course, some grease cutting agents). I just love that fresh zesty
scent in my utility room and in my treatment room when a fresh batch of towels is ready for my
next client.

Orange Degreaser Detergent comes in two sizes 1 litre and 3.84 litres (or a gallon in old money)

Spread the word and tell your colleagues about it. Mary – always here to help your business
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Mary – always here to help you help your business.

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