All About Arnica

As a therapist are you aware of the many benefits of using Arnica in your practice? Did you know that it is
a natural anti-inflammatory that alleviates neuro-muscular and joint pain BUT it does so much more. Ask
anyone what they know about Arnica and they will probably say something like “it’s for bruises, isn’t it?

And yes, while that is correct, it has so much more to offer than just reducing the size and multi-colours
of your bruises after you’ve fallen or stubbed your toe! Although we thank it for that too!

This blog highlights all you need to know about this amazing plant, its origins, history, application,
medicinal uses, healing abilities AND its amazing benefits.

I believe that Arnica should be in every First Aid kit in every household in the county, particularly Pure
Pro’s Arnica (anti-inflammatory) Relief Lotion.

Arnica Montana, sometimes called the “mountain daisy”, is a tall-stemmed flower with petals that look
like a daisy. Arnica creams and ointments have been used for centuries to treat muscle soreness and
aches, bruising, joint pain and inflammation going back as far as the Greek and Roman times … it grows
particularly well in nutrient-poor sandy soil in southern Europe.

There are many different types of Arnica formulations available from oils, gels, alcohol extracts, herbal
tinctures and homeopathic preparations. While gel and alcohol-based extracts can be effective, they
evaporate from the skin quickly, rather than being absorbed, making them less suitable for your massage

Pure Pro’s Arnica products are a very popular choice for massage therapists. They use a hand-pressed, or
infused, natural herbal extract from both the flower and the root of the plant. This ensures the potency
and efficacy for all your healing work. That’s why its benefits go far beyond healing bruises.

Arnica is vital ingredient for pain relief. It can be particularly helpful in reducing the pain and ache of
arthritic joints, fibromyalgia flare-ups, post sports activities and injuries such as sprains, strains,
tendonitis, whiplash, plantar fasciitis, peripheral neuropathy from diabetic conditions or if chemotherapy

That is quite a litany of ailments and conditions that Pure Pro’s Arnica products can ease. There are four
different Arnica products in the Pure Pro range. These are:

  • Arnica Therapeutic Concentrate
  • Arnica Relief Lotion
  • Arnica Therapeutic Massage Oil
  • Peppermint Pedango Foot Cream

So whether your preference is for a concentrate, lotion, oil or cream you need look no further to help
ease your clients’ aches and pains or to have on hand in your family first aid kit.

However, there are two really important contraindications to using Arnica (in any form); if you are
pregnant, breast feeding of if you have a daisy allergy – DO NOT USE! Also, Arnica should never be taken
internally, unless diluted in pill form e.g. homeopathic remedies.

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